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Swedish Christmas with music by Agnetha and Linda


The title song means "Light a Thousand Candles," and it is a very popular  Swedish language song.  The album is a compilation of Swedish Christmas music sung by Agnetha and her daugher Linda, and it should definitely be part of your collection.  Agnetha originally recorded the Album in 1980 taking a break from ABBA to be with her daughter, which makes it all the more special for the season. 

This page explores the music from the album and some of the Swedish Christmas customs it celebrates.

    Song Titles
  1. "Nej se det snöar" - 0:56 (Agnetha and Linda)
  2. "Bjällerklang" - 2:34 (Agnetha and Linda)
  3. "Nu tändas tusen juleljus" - 2:39 (Agnetha and Linda)
  4. "Två små röda luvor" - 2:46 (Agnetha and Linda)
  5. "Nu står jul vid snöig port" -2:31
  6. "Jag såg mamma kyssa tomten" - 2:27 (Linda)
  7. "När juldagsmorgon glimmar" - 2:27 (Agnetha and Linda)
  8. "Potpurri" - 6:12 (Agnetha and Linda)  This track is a medley of seven traditional Swedish Christmas folk songs.  We have provided a brief description of some of the traditions that go with each song.  This track is a favorite of the chilren of  ABBAUpdate.
    1. "Nu har vi ljus här i vårt hus" - 0:48  This song is about dancing around the christmas tree and about all the candles that Swedes light during the Christmas season. The month of December is very dark and this song is about all the joy candles bring during the Christmas.
    2. "Tre små pepparkaksgubbar" - 0:49  A classic childrens Christmas song. It is about three ginger cookies or three gingerbread men. It is a fun song mostly about the one thing Swedish children all love to do during Christmas preparation; bake ginger cookies.
    3. "Räven raskar över isen" - 0:54  This song is more of a dance song meaning it's a song that you sing while dancing around the christmas tree. The song has several verses and each verse is dedicated to an occupation, an animal or a group of people. For example, one of the verses is dedicated to all the boys, so everyone in the room during part of the dance song bows to honor the boys, and so on.
    4. "Vi äro musikanter" - 0:57  This is also a dance song. In this song everyone pretends they are musicans from a city by the name of Skaraborg. Participants make movements as if they are a musican and play the fiddle, the base and a flute.
    5. "Hej tomtegubbar" - 0:47  This is a song that is sung around the table it is called a "snaps visa", a drinking song.
    6. "Jungfru jungfru kär" - 1:13  Another dance song about how everybody, adults and children, must join the carousel before it starts for the evening.  This dance song is intense and with a lot of dancing.
    7. "Nu är det jul igen" - 0:44  The classic song that always start and ends the dancing around the christmas tree. At the end of the christmas dancing everyone joins hands and dances around the whole house, usually with the father of the family in the lead. The song is about how Christmas is here and that it will last all the way to easter, almost!
  9. "Hej mitt vinterland" - 2:29 (Britt Lindeborg and Linda)
  10. "Så milt lyser stjärnan" - 2:27 (Linda)
  11. "Mössens julafton" - 2:25 (Agnetha and Linda)
  12. "När det lider mot jul" - 2:33




     Nu står jul vid snöig port               Det stålar en stjärna                      Mossens julafton


    Swedish Christmas Customs

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